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Corporate English. Corporate Language Training

Premier Training Centre specializes in providing language training to international companies, as well as to governmental and non-governmental establishments. Our training staff are a team of professional linguists from Ukraine, the USA and Great Britain, with extensive experience in working in the corporate sector.

Results Count!

We entirely realize that it is paramount for your company to obtain results within a given period of time in accordance with your employee’s job requirements and the specific needs of your company.

Training programmes

We offer a wide choice of language training – General English courses, Business English courses, ESP courses. We also offer client-tailored programmes for your specific business needs – telephoning, presentations, meetings, letter writing or whatever your needs may be. We call such programmes ‘Practical English’ and you can put your English into practice immediately after you start training!

How to book an English course of studies?

Fill in the Book Corporate Training form and our specialist will call you to arrange a time for a free ‘Language Competency Employee Assessment’. Within two working days you will get the results of the oral and written tests and our recommendations about the choice of training programmes.

How much is a course of studies?

We understand your budget may depend on your priorities in training and your current level of a foreign language. If you opt for an intense modular course (48 academic hours), the cost will be only half of a standard 120-academic-hour programme. You can also book a specially tailored programme as needed, for example, one of only 12 academic hours.

The final cost of training depends on several factors, such as the number of students in the group, the schedule of classes, intensity, and the location of your company. Most importantly though, it is always subject to negotiation.

Be assured that we will always offer you a special discount, professional teachers, original learning materials, effective training and as a result – knowledge of the language.