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Russian, English, German, French by Skype

Learning Russian, English, German or French by Skype is a modern and convenient way of learning foreign languages. The benefits of learning Russian, English, German, French or any other language by Skype is obvious and very few people doubt its effectiveness. First of all, you can study in any convenient location - at home, in the office, in your holiday house, on a business trip or vacation, which means almost everywhere. There is no need to waste time getting to the school, so it’s much easier to find time for classes. Usually the classes are conducted individually by Skype, which is also an advantage. All the time is spent only on you and the teacher’s attention is devoted only to you. You learn at the pace that is the most effective for you. Classes are designed exclusively to meet your goals and interests. Classes by Skype can be any duration, from 30 to 90 minutes and more. If you opt for shorter sessions, you can study more often, three to four times a week. This is a great option for the systematic study of a language and practising your language skills.

The only requirement is a quality internet connection and having a minimum of equipment - a microphone or video camera.