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English Courses for Accountants / English for Accounting

How to choose the right English course for accountants and financiers? English for Accounting is a very broad concept. The most common English language programs for accounting include the Annual Report, Financial Statements, Liabilities, Balance Sheet, Taxes, Payroll Accounting, VAT and other topics from the field of accounting. Before the course of studies it is important to determine what exactly and how much you need to know for work. If, for example, English is needed for writing simple reports, you can just expand your vocabulary to understand the content of certain documents. If your job responsibilities include salary issuance to foreign staff or a company balance sheet, such a course will not be too complicated or lengthy either. If you’re the CEO of a multinational company, you should focus on improving your English for all aspects of the financial activity of your company. In addition, it is important to develop presentation skills for effective reporting about the financial state of the company to foreign partners and the board of directors.

The complexity and duration of the course depends on your goals. Typically, English courses for accounting are designed for the intermediate level of the language competency and higher. However, if you just need to understand the content of certain financial documents, language training can be done with a lower level of English.