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General English

The variety of General English courses offered at Premier Training Centre in Kiev can suit the needs of those who seek all round improvement of their English through everyday topics. If you like travelling or communicating with foreigners; if you are interested in history, sport or art, choose a General English course. All General English courses are tailored to students’ needs and interests and each of them concentrates on developing English for everyday situations working through the key areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

We always focus on fluency for effective communication and use interesting and relevant materials to help our students develop it. Other areas such as grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are also addressed throughout the course to improve accuracy. The result is a real and substantial improvement in your ability in the language.

We will choose the most effective and interesting for you course based on Oxford study materials.

You can do a course of studies individually, in a mini-group or take a corporate English training course. The duration of the course and its intensity also depends on your goals and priorities.