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ILEC Exam for Lawyers - International Legal English Certificate

What is ILEC

The ILEC examination (International Legal English Certificate) is the first and only internationally recognized exam for legal English.
ILEC was created to test the ability of lawyers to use English in their professional field. The exam is completely focused on the confirmation the knowledge of English but not the knowledge of jurisprudence. ILEC is a joint product of two world-renowned organizations - TransLegal and the Cambridge ESOL syndicate.

Who ILEC Certificate is recognized by

International Certificate in Legal English (ILEC) is recognized by the world’s leading law firms, legal departments of many universities, language centres, associations of lawyers, and government bodies.

How to prepare for ILEC

We offer a complete training course to pass English for Lawyers ILEC in Kiev. Classes are held in groups or individually.
Our course of English for lawyers uses International Legal English (Cambridge University Press with TransLegal) as a core book and a range of supplementary materials (corporate law, contract law, intellectual property right, ownership and sale of goods, etc.).

In addition to studying international law in English, our course helps to adapt to the format of the exam and to develop an effective strategy for examination.
The International Legal English programme for lawyers will help you to improve your legal English, build up a professional vocabulary, improve your grammar and prepare for the exam. You will be able to communicate in English in the fields of law using a variety of special terminology, phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms.

ILEC exam format

ILEC consists of four papers: reading, writing, listening and an oral test. The total time of examination is about 4 hours (3.5 hours of exam time plus break time). .
ILEC is based on realistic themes and tasks with which practicing lawyers may face daily in the practice of law.

Where to prepare for ILEC in Kiev

Premier Training Cenre will prepare you for ILEC at the address

4 prov. T. Shevchenka, office 37
Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

Where to take ILEC in Kiev

The official center for taking ILEC in Kiev is the British Council

British Council
Address: 4/12 Hryhoriya Skovorody Street, Kyiv 04070
Telephone: +380 44 490 5600 (Ukraine)