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Highlighting words in the text

If you’re studying a language, you’re probably using a textbook, or you’re reading books, newspapers or magazines in this language. We advise you to highlight the words that are useful and interesting from your point of view. It’s better if the colour of the marker isn’t very dark, so that the text is easy to read.

While leafing through the book you’ll inevitably pay attention to the highlighted fragments and remember the context in which they were used. With this approach it’s important to use common sense and not to highlight practically everything in sight, otherwise highlighting won’t make any point.
An advantage of this method is that expressions are not taken out of context, so they are likely to be used correctly in the future.
Unfortunately, sooner or later, some books become stale and end up sitting on the shelf, which means that the fondly highlighted words start to fade. In this case you will have to turn to other learning aids.