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Keeping vocabulary notebooks

This method learned at school, which can be employed only by the most hard-working and organised learners. You write down words and their collocations on the left side of the page and their translation – on the right. First of all, by keeping such notes, you will know what words you intended to memorise. Secondly, in the process you think over the most widely used combinations and the most accurate translation.
The effectiveness of this method is low because in such notebooks words are usually taken out of context and therefore are difficult to retrieve. Ideally, there should be example sentences which demonstrate the meaning of the word in the most typical situations. It is also necessary to note the word stress, its pronunciation, the part of speech, derivatives (especially for higher levels), dependent prepositions, etc.
To use a vocabulary notebook cover either side of a page and try to remember the translation.
This way is good because notebooks aren’t easily lost and you can always take them with you on a trip. However, it’s difficult to find a word quickly because such vocabularies aren’t usually alphabetical. ‘This word must be somewhere here …’ – but where? In addition, you can’t sort words out by topics or separate the ones that you remember from those obstinately slipping your memory.