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Foreign languages - courses in Kiev

Where to learn foreign languages?

Of course where you study with professional linguists from Ukraine, USA and the UK with a great teaching experience.
Where you are taught modern, living foreign languages in an easy and interesting way.
Where you study with original training materials.
Where you find a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
Where your priorities are taken into account.
Where the result is important.

All this you will find at the Premier Training Centre in the heart of Kiev.

Training Programs

We offer you a wide choice of training programs - General English, Business English, Specialized English language programs, General and Business German and French, and Russian for Foreigners. Client-tailored programs are created specifically for you and are based on vocabulary that matters to you - travel, study, work, hobbies and so on. We call such programmes ‘Practical Language’ and you can put it into practice immediately after you start training!

Results count!

The purpose of studying any foreign language is the ability to communicate in it both orally and in writing. Our paramount goal is to help you learn how to do it quickly and efficiently. Regardless of what kind of training you choose, individual or in a group, and what your needs may be, we will offer you the best way and pace of study and guide you to the success in learning.

How to book an language course of studies?

Fill in the Book Individual Training form or Book Group Training form and our specialist will call you to arrange a time for a free Language Competency Assessment. Within two working days you will get the results of the oral and written tests and our recommendations about the choice of training programmes.

How much is a course of studies?

We understand your budget may depend on your priorities in training and your current level of a foreign language. If you opt for an intense modular course (48 academic hours), the cost will be only half of a standard 120-academic-hour programme. You can also book a specially tailored programme as needed, for example, one of only 12 academic hours.

In our language centre one academic hour of individual training (45 minutes) costs from 120 UAH to 180 UAH (general or business course), +10 percent mark-up on ESP programmes, +15-20 percent mark-up on client-tailored programmes.

The final cost of training depends on several factors, such as the number of students in the group, the schedule of classes, intensity, and the location of classes.

Be assured that we will always offer you professional teachers, original learning materials, effective training and as a result – knowledge of the language.