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Administration of the Study Process

The success of a study process largely depends on its thorough preparation and professional administration. Our staff provide a high level of support in helping students better define their objectives and choose the ideal study programme which complies with the company requirements, regarding the programme’s focus, length, intensity, etc. To ensure this our company follows the stages:

Course Preparation

Placement Test. The written and oral test helps define students’ current level of English.
Student Needs Analysis gives understanding of students’ goals and interests.
Group Formation. Students are placed in groups according to their placement test results, needs and the requirements of their company.
Course Preparation. The structure of the course, its main focus, core textbook, supplementary materials, the course length and intensity are first discussed with the company administration and then decided upon.
Course Programme. On outlining the course objectives a detailed course programme is written and given to  the company administration.

Training Delivery

Progress Monitoring includes monthly reports on students’ performance in class, their attendance, progress and areas of improvement, progress tests results and exams feedback.
Quality Control. The Premier Training Centre provides regular lesson observations conducted by its Director of Studies and gives detailed reports on the teaching process in each group.
Evaluation and Testing. Regular progress tests, mid-course and end-of-course exams help monitor students’ progress.
Certificate of Achievement. Every student who successfully completes the study programme receives a personalised Certificate of Achievement. This is granted to students who score 65-100% in their End-of-Course Exam.